Jared Kushner: Nepotism at Its Worse

The belief that Donald Trump runs the U.S. Government much like a tin-pot third-world potentate reached its apoetheses in his appointment of son-in-law Jared Kushner to handle a myriad of high-level responsibilities, including the Middle East peace process.

Not surprisingly Jared, surfaced as a major player in the coronavirus pandemic crisis, not always to the good:

Known fact: Jared Kushner is the guy who was denied a security clearance after professional investigators found him unfit to have one. Yet, Daddy-in-law Trump overrode the professionals and allows Jared to function at the pinnacle of our security apparatus, with total access to sensitive intelligence information he was found unfit to receive. Such is the working of nepotism in the third world dictatorship, Idi Amin-like government Trump and Republicans have given us.

As a businessman, Kushner—like Trump—was a miserable failure. His overall record makes him unfit to receive the normal security clearance required of employees in our national security agencies. He is the living proof that incompetence, unfitness, and corruption mean nothing to Trump’s Republican Administration. Kushner has now not just failed in his procurement effort, he has been a monkey wrench in its operation. Republican shrug their shoulders and say: who cares?

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