It’s The Republicans, Stupid

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//Let’s Stop Giving “Good” Republicans Excuses for Supporting Trump//

Donald Trump asserts himself so brazenly onto the media stage, even the mainstream media accused of anti-Trump bias fall short of reminding us of one striking fact: it’s the Republican Party, not just Donald Trump, that has saddled us with the most immoral, Incompetent, corrupt, racist, xenophobic, misogynistic president in history.

Republicans gave us a person totally unfit to be President—and 99 percent of them not only have no shame about doing so, they remain proud of themselves for doing it!

Prominent columnists, even while criticizing Trump, fall short of getting to the core of what’s wrong with Trump’s know-nothing Republican supporters. The commentators may state, for example, that GOP Senatorial candidates stand condemned by their silence over Trump’s increasingly flagrant racist and xenophobic pronouncements–but weaken the message by giving GOP  Senators like Susan Collins an undeserved get-out-of-jail pass for at least delivering a one-time criticism for one of Trump’s racist statements.

What the mainstream commentators are missing is one simple fact that proves all GOP candidates in 2020 have given their full stamp of approval to everything Trump has said or done in his four years as president: each Republican candidate is giving Trump their 100 percent, unqualified support for his re-election.

That is all anyone needs to know about where Republicans stand on every lie, slander, libel, insult, and racist and xenophobic statement Trump has ever made. They are unstinting in wanting to give America four additional years of whatever Trump has said or done for the previous four years.

In particular, that includes Susan Collins.

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