‘Isakson Is Compromised by Russia’ etc.

We continue to honor Senator Johnny Isakson for his unstinting support for the Presidency of Donald Trump by substituting his name for Trump’s in media headlines. That conveys all you need to know about Isakson without the filter of IndieDems’ editorial perspective.  Here’s the latest:

Under Isakson, number of uninsured kids rose for first time this decade

The Vulgarity and Violence of Johnny Isakson
(Here is a quote from the article, using Trump’s name. Too insightful to pass up) “Curiously, Trump’s social autism is the source of his appeal. A Pew survey found that what Trump’s supporters like most about him is his personality, not his policies. They like his personality more than his policies for the same reason that men like the sex scenes in pornography more than the plots: Vulgarity is the point.”

Isakson Is Compromised by Russia

The world’s tyrants are laughing at Isakson — and America

Oppression in the Middle East is worse than ever — and Isakson is encouraging more

Isakson is disarming America in the face-off against China

AP FACT CHECK: Isakson’s mangled truths on Russia probe, Cohen

Isakson’s Corruption: The Definitive List

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