Is Trump a Blackmail Risk?

Robert Mueller’s testimony before the Congressional committees has reinvigorated the question: Is Donald Trump susceptible to blackmail by foreign  countries? Trump and the Republicans’ refusal to take measures to counter Russia’s massive cyber war against the United States, focused on sabotaging our electoral system, raises alarming questions about Trump’s motivation.

A recent media report examines the issue: Is Trump a blackmail risk?

IndieDems Comment:

Gee. Just because:

  • Trump as a successful businessman is a sham and a fraud who was constantly going bankrupt
  • Relied on Daddy’s money to get started and to stave off total disaster
  • And when Daddy’s well ran dry, had to turn to a massive infusion of Russian money to survive, because New York banks wanted nothing to do with him;

Just because:

  • Trump has connived with both the American and Russian mafia
  • Established an American kleptocracy modeled on the one Putin heads in Russia
  • Slavishly declares his admiration of murderous thugs like Putin and Kim Jung Un
  • Has done absolutely nothing to block Russia’s massive cyber warfare against the United States, aimed at sabotaging our electoral system

Does not mean, for heaven’s sake, that Trump has an arrow above his head pointing to him as a prime target for recruitment by foreign dictators armed with mega bucks.

Now, about Jared Kushner. That’s another story…

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