Iran and N. Korea: Calling the Coward Trump’s Bluff

The attack on the U.S. Embassy compound in Iraq has laid bare the failed policies of President Trump toward Iran. Trump critic Max Boot, a lifelong Republican, conservative, and former writer of Wall Street Journal editorials, spelled it out in Iran just outplayed the United States — again.

Boot has precisely define the rise of Iranian power in the region and the methods Tehran uses to achieve it. Some Republicans seem to believe the whole thing is about conventional military power. I wonder if similarly misguided people are making our Iranian policy. Iran knows well how to use unconventional warfare and political leverage to secure its goals.

What does it tell us about the impact of the U.S. economic sanctions on Iran that Iran has been willing to send its militia to attack a U.S. embassy compound? The Iranians do not seem to be cowering in fear when it comes to confronting the U.S. Meanwhile, the U.S. has isolated itself from the rest of the world in being able to get Iran to change its ways. And Iran is free to proceed with its nuclear program, since the U.S. unilaterally tore up the international agreement reached under Obama that put in place procedures to monitor and restrict Iran’s nuclear program.

On the same day that Iranian-backed thugs were attacking the embassy, North Korean leader Kim Jong Un announced that world would witness the North’s” new strategic  weapon” soon.  Meanwhile Kim keeps advancing North Korea’s nuclear weapons program–despite Trump’s touting of a presumed agreement between him and Kim for the de-nuclearization of the Korean Peninsula. Trump has stated that their personal relations were so great and would produce such practical results, he had fallen in love with Kim.

It all seems to have gone up in smoke.

Only the loud mouth bullying coward full of hot air—and the Republican dupes who support him—believe that being a loud mouth bullying coward can change the world. Most people know full well that bullies are cowards. The Iranians, Russians, and North Koreans know it, and are playing this useful fool for all he’s worth.


Trump gave N. Korea sugar and Iran vinegar. Neither seems to be working.

Turmoil in Iraq comes amid shrunken U.S. diplomatic footprint

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