“How the Khashoggi Killing Ruinously Defined (Isakson)”

The Washington Post on November 23 published a column headlined “How the Khashoggi Killing Ruinously Defined Trump.” Since Georgia Senator Johnny Isakson staunchly supports Trump as President, and that support has not wavered despite worldwide condemnation of Trump’s  position on the brutal murder of Khashoggi, we thought we would simply substitute Isakson for Trump, as a depiction of Isakson’s position.

As you read the article, keep substituting “Isakson” for “Trump.” You’ll get the picture. Example:

“The Khashoggi affair similarly confirms several fundamental truths about Isakson. The first and most obvious is that his narrow, idiosyncratic and sometimes personal interests take precedence over the defense of traditional American values and even the expectation of honest treatment by an ally.”

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