How History Will Remember Republican Senators

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We know the two chief features that future historians will highlight in describing Republican Senators 2020:
1. They are lap dogs of Donald Trump. What he believes, they believe.
2. They are cowards. The worst gathering of cowards in American history, probably in the history of the world. Republican Senators are as lacking in courage as they are in lacking a moral conscience. Every minute of their lives, they cower in fear they may say something that offends Trump. After four years of a Republican president, the United States is in shambles. Over 250,000 Americans have died from Covid-19, hundreds of thousands of more will die and even more will suffer unspeakable illness before a vaccine begins taking effect. The economy is a wreck and unemployed Americans lack adequate food and shelter.

Trump has spent three weeks waging war on democracy itself by mounting totally unsubstantiated legal cases and using other criminal and extra-legal methods to challenge Biden’s win, apparently out of pure spite.

And through all the above, with only a handful of exceptions, Republican Senators remain mute–meaning, they are giving their unqualified support to Trump. They are only a few degrees, at most, removed from Benedict Arnold.

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