Honoring Kanye West’s Words in the White House

WARNING! This post contains words most of us consider to be vile, filthy profanity. If such words offend you, please stop reading now.

On October 11, 2018, President Donald Trump invited Kanye West to speak from the Oval Office, with the media in full presence. West delivered about a 20 minute profanity-laced diatribe on his view of the black experience in America, replete with fulsome praise for Trump. At the end, West and Trump gave each other a bear hug.

This meeting surely signifies the new day that Trump and his Republican followers have brought to their Party and to the country. Most of us would never have suspected that Republicans would tolerate, much less endorse, such vile language.  In recognition of this transformative Republican era, we wanted to do something to make sure that Republican Congressional staffers share their bosses’ association with West’s words.

Here are the Chiefs of Staff for Senators Isakson and Perdue and Rep. Barry Loudermilk identified with key phrases from West’s address.

“Motherfucker”                               “Bullshit”                                        “I have the balls”
Joan Kirchner Carr,             Megan Whittemore,                              Rob Adkerson
Isakson COS                            Perdue COS                                                Loudermilk COS

For good measure, let’s throw in “shitholes,” the word Carr. Whittmore, and Adkerson’s President himself used to describe African countries on another occasion.

Of course, Carr, Whittmore, and Adkerson’s beloved President–whom they support for re-election–is the same Donald Trump who demeaned the military service of John McCain;  continue to insult the memory of McCain even as his memorial services were underway; called various women bimbo, fat, ugly horse-faced, Miss Piggy, Pocahontas, and of low intellect;  said that four U.S. Congresswomen of color should go back where they (allegedly) came from; talks about Hispanic migrants the way Hitler talked about the Jews; insulted a U.S. Federal judge by accusing him of being a “Mexican” incapable of reaching objective judgments;  and spent five years spreading the Big Lie that Obama was not a native-born American. Plus making 12,000 other false or misleading statements since becoming president.

Trump, Carr, Whittmore, and Adkerson have, indeed, ushered in a new day in the life of the Republican Party and the United States of America. Try to imagine Dwight David Eisenhower, Ronald Reagan, Bob Dole, or  John McCain using such  words privately, much less publicly. Trump’s Republicans are a new breed. Maybe even a whole new human species, who have inbred among themselves over the eons? Something to ponder.

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