Gov. Kemp’s Electoral System “Reform” Rests on Cronyism at Its Worst

In his prior position as Georgia Secretary of State, Brian Kemp left Georgians with a corrupt, compromised, and outmoded electoral system using technically obsolete voting machines. Georgia’s system was universally ranked last or in the bottom tier. Kemp ran for governor promising reform as a top priority.

We now see what Kemp defines as “reform”: he is employing flagrant, in-your-face pay-for-play cronyism to purchase new voting machines. Here are the key findings of the Atlanta Journal-Constitution’s expose on the subject:

Other key points in the AJC expose:

  • Kemp appointed as his new executive counsel, David Dove, a member of ES&S’ advisory board when he attended a Las Vegas conference hosted by the company in March 2017. Dove served as Kemp’s chief of staff when he was secretary of state.
  • Kemp chose ES&S’ voting system for a test run during a Conyers election in November 2017.
  • ES&S is Georgia’s current election company, responsible for providing technical support and repairs of the state’s 27,000 direct-recording electronic voting machines, which the state originally purchased for $54 million from Diebold Election Systems in 2002.




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