Gov. Kemp Keeps Up Fraudulent Claims for New Voting System

Brian Kemp as Georgia Secretary of  State presided over an election system ranked as one of the worst in the country. in terms of its reliability and ability to provide accurate recounts. Under his gubernatorial administration, he and his Republican colleagues are preparing to install a new system that does almost nothing to remedy the faults of the old one.

Georgia citizens and watchdog groups have challenged Kemp’s plan in court, with tremendous success. The legal hearings have revealed the serious flaws and faults in the new system.

Probably the longest standing watchdog group is VoterGA, headed by Garland Favorito.  Below are some of its most recent new releases.

Plaintiffs Move to Block New, Unverifiable Voting System – 08-19-19

GA Voting System Unconstitutional, Banned as of 2020 – 08-16-19

GA to Buy $100mil Unverifiable Vote System – Bait & Switch Video Fools Media – 07-30-19

New Vulnerabilities, Election Cover-up Revealed in Court – 07-29-19

Groups Say Elections Director Misled Officials, Must Resign – 07-23-19

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