Give GA SECSTATE Raffensperger Praise Where Praise Is Due

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Georgia Secretary of State Raffensperger, a Republican, supervises Georgia’s electoral system. The office came under even more scrutiny this year than in other presidential election years. The system faced serious stress because Georgia for the first time faced massive numbers of mail-in voting–and the stress increased exponentially when it became apparent that the Democratic candidate might win the state.

At that moment, Georgia became on of the principal targets of intense pressure from Trump and his loyalists to find someway to subvert the will of the people and throw the election to Trump. When Raffensperger refused to go along, Georgia’s two U.S. Senators, Kelly Loeffler and David Perdue–both running to keep their seats–called on him to resign, in a flagrant attempt to appease Trump. They provided no evidence to back up claims of election irregularities

In IndieDems judgment, Raffensperger deserves much praise for showing the courage and integrity to take a stand against the Republican assault on our basic moral and democratic values. In the same GA GOP he comes from, Loeffler and Perdue are running for the U.S. Senate on the single issue of how committed they are to being Trump’s lap dogs, as he launches baseless “legal” challenges to the election outcome, endangers U.S. national security and American lives by blocking an orderly transition, and does nothing about the pandemic sweeping the nation.

(Read Raffensperger’s account here: “Georgia secretary of state: My family voted for Trump. He threw us under the bus anyway.”)

Not surprisingly, they were two of the key players in in the Inside Trader scam earlier this year.

Further context: GA Republicans just elected to Congress Marjorie Taylor Greene, an avowed supporter of the crackpot QAnon, who has also posted racist and anti-Semitic messages on Facebook. Amazingly, all these Republicans declare they are devout Christians, as they wallow in the immorality of a Party for which God’s Commandments mean and Jesus’ Goden Rule mean absolutely nothing.

Hats off to Brad Raffensperger. We may have a dilemma when he comes up for re-election.

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