Georgia’s U.S. Senators Isakson and Perdue Swim Happily in Trump’s Sewer

The chaos, lies, incompetence, and corruption of the Trump Administration are now so glaringly evident, it’s useless to even try to cite the evidence proving it. Americans have a choice: go with the evil of the Trumpocracy, or support America’s basic moral and democratic principles and common human decency. 

Georgia’s U.S. Senators Johnny Isakson and David Perdue have chosen to swim ever deeper into the Trump sewer. They are beyond redemption, but just to keep the record straight, I have emailed them to remind them how their being Trump’s lackeys is a stunning comment on their lack of moral character. I used the words of one of America’s most respected conservative commentators to make my point. Here are the words:

Michael Gerson: Trump doesn’t just fail a moral standard. He enables cruelty and abuse.

(Excerpt) This is a failure of public character with serious consequences. Trump is urging Americans to drink at a poisoned well of intolerance. This desensitizes some people to the moral seriousness of prejudice. It creates an atmosphere in which bigots gain confidence and traction. And one sad social consequence is the emboldened racism of Roseanne Barr and many like her, many of whom surely believe — on good evidence — that the president of the United States is on their side. The combination of Trumpism, social media and (at least according to Barr) sleeping pills creates a powerful disinhibition to hatred.

Michael Gerson: The moral authority of the presidency is in tatters

(Excerpt) The divestment of self-respect is a qualification for employment in the Trump administration…It is precisely the claim of miracles by mediocrities that makes it hard for some of us to judge Trump’s first-year record with any objectivity. Compared with his claims of world-historic change, Trump has accomplished little. But how does his record compare with more realistic expectations?… The war against terrorism has been rebooted on the basis of anti-Muslim bigotry, which undermines domestic law enforcement and anti-radicalization efforts. Authoritarian regimes around the world — now shielded from human rights criticism — feel more secure. Dissidents and democratic activists feel more lonely and abandoned. Fleeing refugees feel more desperate and friendless.  Morale at the State Department is in collapse, leading to the hemorrhaging of diplomatic talent and experience. Trump has alienated important allies with demands for protection money. The United States has stepped back from effective economic competition in Asia, leaving China a more dominant regional power. Russia, in all likelihood, has helped elect a favorable U.S. president in the largest intelligence coup of modern history.

Michael Gerson: Trump exposes the hypocrisy of Christian Republicans

(Excerpt) …if there is one area where the teaching of the Christian faith is utterly clear, it is in the requirement to care for the vulnerable stranger. According to the Hebrew scriptures: “When a foreigner resides among you in your land, do not mistreat them. The foreigner residing among you must be treated as your native-born.” In the New Testament, Jesus employs compassion for an abused, reviled foreigner (a Samaritan) as the test and definition of neighborly love…The dehumanization of migrants and refugees has been one of the most consistent themes of this president …

In the name of survival, Ryan has ignored and enabled the transformation of the GOP into an anti-immigrant party…

This represents the failure of Christian political leadership — not only from the speaker but from most other elected religious conservatives, too (Editor’s note: ESPECIALLY SENATORS JOHNNY ISAKSON AND DAVID PERDUE). Even more, it indicates the failure of the Christian church in the moral formation of its members, who remain largely untutored in the most important teachings of their own faith.

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