Georgia’s New Senator Joins League of Trump’s Lackeys

//Kelly Loeffler joins Trump’s war on Christianity,  America’s basic moral and democratic values—and common human decency.//

On January 6, Kelly Loeffler was sworn in as interim successor to Senator Johnny Isakson, who retired for health reasons. She will serve until January, 2021. In this year’s November elections, a person will be elected to fill out the two remaining years of Isakson’s term, from January 2021-January 2023. Loeffler will face opposition from other Republicans, as well as Democrats  in the 2020 balloting. There will be no party primaries. All candidates from both parties will be listed together.

As expected, Loeffler wasted no time in fulfilling the number 1 requirement of a modern Republican: becoming the Senator from Trump, a full-fledged lap dog for Donald. On January 27, headlines blared “Newest GOP senator accuses Romney of trying to ‘appease the left’ in favoring witnesses in Trump impeachment trial.

Loeffler is driven be a Trump loyalist even more than most Republicans because her main Republican opponent for the seat in November is almost certain to be Representative Doug Collins, himself a dyed-in-the-wool Trumpist. (See Rep. Collins to challenge appointed Sen. Loeffler in GOP clash in Georgia). 

Collins was Trump’s attack dog in the House Judiciary Committee impeachment hearings. In fact, Trump lobbied for Governor Kemp to appoint Collins, rather than Loeffler, as interim successor. Kemp stuck with Loeffler, in a rare display of independence from Trump.

But facing a Georgia election, Loeffler will be certain to insulate herself from Trump’s disfavor by being his compliant lap dog.

So, less than a month in office, and Loeffler is swooning over a man who has bragged about sexually asaulting women and called women bimbo, fat, ugly, horse-faced, of low intellect, Miss Piggy, and dog.  In recent weeks, Trump sponsored the vicious character assassination of Amb. Marie Yovanovitch for refusing to go along with his criminal Ukraine caper.

Loeffler also joins in endorsing: telling Congresswomen of color to go back where they came from, locking up children in wire cages, demeaning the military service of John McCain, praising neo-Nazi demonstrators, using racist slurs, and inciting followers to violence.

Loeffler supports someone who has also:

—Praised the murderous thugs Kim Jong Un and Vladimir Putin
—Incited his followers to violence
—Ignored the murder of American journalist Khashoggi ordered by the Saudi Crown Prince
—Accepted the word of Putin that Russia did not wage cyber war against U.S. 2016 elections
—Engaged in obsequious kowtowing to Putin in their press conference in Helsinki
—Called foreign countries “s—holes”
—Supported racism, xenophobia, and misogyny

Senator Loeffler does all this in order to suck up to a racist, xenophobic, misogynist, bullying thug who is waging war against God’s Commandments, Jesus’ Golden Rule, America’s basic moral and democratic values—and common human decency.

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