Georgia Republicans’ Separation from Basic American Values

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Read the following with this in mind: Georgia Republicans like Senators Johnny Isakson and David Perdue, and U.S. Representatives Barry Loudermilk and Karen Handel, consider as normal all of Trump’s deeds and words condemned for their toxic impact on American democracy and values by all of the commentators.

Seldom in American political life have prominent conservative and liberal voices expressed virtually the same opinion on the same issue on the same day. It now happens frequently as prominent columnists from both camps express alarm over the dire consequences of the escalating war Trump and his Republican lackeys are waging against basic American values. Joined recently by a pastor speaking from his pulpit.

And, still, Isakson, Perdue, Loudermilk, and Handel continue their support for the President who is inflicting more damage on American democracy than Joseph McCarthy and Richard Nixon (Watergate), combined. Isakson at least managed to rebuke Trump for his shithole comments. Perdue, who attended the meeting at which Trump made the remarks, has become a Republican hero and a national laughing stock by claiming he never heard the words. Measure these Trump lap dogs by the comments below.

Trump has revealed who he is. Now it’s our turn. By Michael Gerson

(Excerpt) Trump has revealed who he is. Now we reveal who we are. The perfunctory criticisms, self-indicting silences, half-hearted defenses and obvious lies provided by most elected Republicans have been embarrassing and discrediting. Loyalty to Trump now consists of defending the indefensible. His advocates are becoming desensitized to moral corruption. (Emphasis added) They are losing the ability to believe in anything, even in their own courage.

Know-Nothings for the 21st Century, by Paul Krugman

(Excerpts) The sad thing is that America is currently ruled by people who fit (the definition of being know-nothings). And the know-nothings in power are doing all they can to undermine the very foundations of American greatness… One result of this embrace of ignorance is a remarkable estrangement between modern conservatives and highly educated Americans… So the party that currently controls all three branches of the federal government is increasingly for bigotry and against education… What’s clear… is that if (the modern know-nothings prevail), they won’t make America great again — they’ll kill the very things that made it great.

Jennifer Rubin, who writes the “Right Turn” column for the Washington Post, continues to examine the Trump’s toxic influence on U.S. politics.

Two senators (Perdue and Cotton) do backflips to protect a racist president

(Excerpts) ..many GOP lawmakers now consider lying in defense of the president to be routine, part of their normal duties as card-carrying Republicans. They don’t care that it makes them look foolish…They, like Trump, now operate in the populist bubble that depends on protecting Trump and reaffirming their bond with the base on behalf of white grievance. For Perdue and Cotton, defending the preference for immigrants from richer countries — i.e. whiter countries — requires they not concede that this, at bottom, is about race… why aren’t the conservative media denouncing Cotton and Perdue for their transparent dishonesty?

Trump’s apologists invite grave danger to our nation

(Excerpt) (The idea) that nothing will go terribly wrong because others will scramble to ignore or contain (Trump’s) temper tantrums — is both a high-stakes gamble and a repudiation of American democracy. And that in turn speaks volumes about his apologists, who have put the country in such a precarious position rather than admit error or incur the wrath of the Trump cultists.

Trump’s toxic influence goes well beyond the headlines – Washington Post editorial

(Summary) The president’s norm-shattering tweets and comments make news, but his steady undermining of democratic values should sound alarms.

(Topics covered include Trump’s:

  • Assault on First Amendment rights
  • Smear campaign against the FBI
  • Denunciation of Mueller’s Russian probe and attempts to undermine it
  • Causing mass confusion as Congress prepared to vote on a major surveillance bill dealing with terrorism, with a Tweet that conflicted with his Administration’s stated position)

Pastor remarks on Trump’s ‘s–thole’ comments with Pence in pews

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