Georgia Republicans Comfortable with Colleagues’ Racist Speak

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Washington Post columnist Dana Milbank has addressed President Trump’s recent words referring to immigrants “breeding” in America’s sanctuary cities. He points out that the use of the term and its companion, “inbreeding,” has been a staple of racist bigots and anti-Semites throughout history,  most notably by Hitler and the Nazis, e.g., Nazi propaganda from 1944:

“Jewry is the product of the inbreeding of asocial, criminal, sick, degenerate, and rejected elements. . . . [It] leads a rootless, parasitic life at the expense of the host peoples. Its current homeland is largely the criminal neighborhoods of the great cities of the world.”

Milbank goes on to provide examples of current Republicans likening immigrants and minorities to breeding animals:

  • Trump appointee Carl Higbie resigned after the publishing of his earlier complaints that black women think “breeding is a form of government employment.”
  • Rep. Jeff Duncan (R-S.C.) has spoken of immigration policy as “allowing any kind of vagrant, or animal . . . to come in.”
  • Rep. Steve King (R-Iowa), a Trump ally, described the screening of immigrants: “You get the pick of the litter and you got yourself a pretty good bird dog.”
  • Dan Stein, the president of the anti-immigrant Federation for American Immigration Reform, famously said immigrants are conducting “competitive breeding” to dilute the white majority.
  • White nationalist Richard Spencer’s National Policy Institute frets about white “displacement by the subject race through differential fertility rates and interracial breeding.”
  • Alex Jones’s Infowars, which Trump has also celebrated, has published headlines saying things such as “Top Imam: Muslim Migrants Should Breed With Europeans to ‘Conquer Their Countries.’ ”

The most significant aspect of all this for Georgians is the fact that Georgia Republicans like Johnny Isakson, David Perdue, Barry Loudermilk, and Karen Handel–by their silence–show that they are quite comfortable with such speech. But do not doubt Georgia Republicans’ innate morality. Why, any day now, they are likely to erupt with a denunciation of Nancy Pelosi as the embodiment of all evil.

And–gasp!–have you heard about Hillary’s private email system?

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