Georgia Republican Elected Officials: Dead Meat Walking

The headlines blare Georgia Republicans’ utter failure to deal with the coronavirus pandemic:

  • The Republican Covid-19 vaccination program is a shambles
  • Georgia almost daily is setting new records in coronavirus cases and deaths
  • Trump’s big initiative is to insult Gov. Kemp–falsely accusing him of failing to deal with unproven voter fraud–and to declare that Georgia’s special Senate election is illegal and  invalid.

Urgent questions for GA Senators Loeffler & Perdue and Representatives Barry Loudermilk and Doug Collins: this disaster in terms of human lives and misery happened on your watch, while you did nothing but say your being Trump lap dogs was all Georgia needed. What ounce of credibility do you now have as you seek re-election?

As Georgia sets daily records in new Covid-19 cases, its vaccination program is a proven shambles. Questions

  • What new legislation have you introduced to remedy this horror?
  • What new bills are you jointly sponsoring? Are you Looking for Democratic co-sponsors?
  • Why haven’t Perdue & Loeffler mentioned their initiatives in their campaign speeches? Why aren’t your proposals showing up on your web pages?
Why do you seem to have your heads permanently up your backsides?

Georgia is at a point where it needs much more than politicians whose entire platform is to be Trump sycophants. And you Georgia Republicans have nothing else to offer. You are the walking dead. You will be remembered for nothing but your corruption, incompetence, & delusion.

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