Georgia Cleric Rebukes Republican Defender of New Electoral Law

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Last week Senator Tim Scott (R-SC) delivered the Republican response to President Biden’s speech to Congress. Scott’s extremely partisan words included a defense of Georgia’s recently passed law regulating the electoral process. The law has been widely criticized as a flagrant attempt at suppressing black and minority votes. Some (like IndieDems) have labeled it a new Jim Crow.

According to the AJC, Bishop Reginald T. Jackson, the presiding bishop of Georgia’s African Methodist Episcopal churches, wrote an open letter to Sen. Scott rebuking his defense of the law and saying he wanted to “set the record straight.” Excerpts, as reported by the AJC:
 “In your speech last week, you incorrectly stated that SB 202 is ‘mainstream.’ In still-Confederate areas of South Carolina, this may be the case. However, it is undoubtedly not so in Georgia or the New South, where this racist piece of voting legislation was passed without debate or discourse…However, most shocking, you claimed those in opposition to SB 202, like myself, are only interested in ‘rigging elections’ in the future. I take extreme offense to your accusation.”

It’s refreshing to see an major religious voice raised against the wrongdoing of Republicans. In Ind[eDems view, our mainstream religious leaders have responded weakly to the Trumpism that lives in daily defiance of God’s Ten Commandments and Jesus’ Golden Rule–and common human decency. The Trumpists that now control the Republican Party have given us the most corrupt and crime-ridden Administration in history.

How can anyone who calls themselves a Christian reconcile the teachings of Jesus with the Trump who:

  • Bragged about sexually assaulting women
  • Called various women fat, ugly, Miss Piggy, and dog
  • Locked up children in wire cages
  • Demeaned the military service of John McCain
  • Mocked a handicapped person
  • Praised neo-Nazi demonstrators
  • Uses racist slurs
  • Praised murderous thugs like Kim Jung Un and Vladimir Putin
  • Incited followers to violence.
  • Called foreign countries “s—holes

And that’s just a very small sampling of Trump’s lies, slander, and vulgarity.

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