Georgia and America’s Survival Depends on a Democratic Vote January5

Georgians: Our state has just set a new record of new Covid-19 cases. The vaccination program in GA & nationwide is a shambles. The GOP responds by sending Trump to play golf and sponsoring an unconstitutional “challenge” to Congress’ ratification of the election returns.

Now, Trump has opened a new front in the Trumpist war on democracy by

  • Telling lies about Gov. Kemp & calling for him to resign.
  • Calling the special Georgia Senate elections illegal and invalid

Georgians, are you also tired of seeing Americans having to line up for hours just to get food?

In about 25 days, you can put an end to this travesty of corrupt and incompetent government and its Republican-imposed misery. Vote for Ossoff & Warnock in the special Senate election Jan 5. On Jan 20, Vice President Harris will provide a majority to begin passing needed legislation to provide desperately needed financial relief and implement Covid-19 reforms to bring the virus under control.

And Mitch McConnell will no longer possess dictatorial veto power over passage of any legislation that benefits the average American. Senate rule of, by, and for rich, white, Republican males will finally cease. Georgians, voting Democratic on Jan 5 will free us from tyranny.

Democrats will have the vote to put an end to our long nightmare of GOP corruption, incompetence, and do-nothing indifference to the pandemic, signified by Trump’s golfing while the pandemic raged.

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