George Will: Trump’s damage to country worse than Nixon’s (Comment, Sen. Isakson?)

//Conservative columnist and Republican Party ex-pat George Will slammed President Donald Trump on Thursday for causing more damage to the United States than former President Richard Nixon.//

(Excerpt) “Nixon’s burglaries and other abuses of power were surreptitious…when exposed, they were tidied up, and we moved on…What Mr. Trump is doing that is damaging to the country is public and constant, it is a bell he’s ringing that can’t be unrung. He’s putting into our civic discourse a level of conversation and of name-calling and of abuse that will now seem perfectly normal in the future.”
Gee, Senator Isakson. Within a few days, two of the country’s most prominent conservatives–Bill Kristol and George Will–castigate Trump and his lap dogs like you for doing irreparable damage to the moral fabric of American society.
Do you have no shame, Johnny Isakson? Will you at least explain to us why you are so much smarter than Bill Kristol and George Will–and Michael Gerson, David Brooks, Charles Krauthammer, Max Boot, to  name a few other bona fide conservatives who are appalled at what you and Donald Trump are doing to our country?

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