General Mattis Shames Sen. Perdue’s Craven Support for Donald Trump

(Editor’snote: Readers will note we are repeating this post but using different Georgia Republicans as the subject. Rather than lump them altogether, we figured each warranted individual attention on the occasion when they ended up at odds with former Secretary of Defense, General Jim Mattis, for their lap dog support for Trump’s disastrous foreign policies.)

Dear Senator Perdue,

I have chronicled the disservice you have done to your country and the desecration of your office by your lap-dog support for Donald Trump. You have supported Trump and his fellow Republicans’ wholesale assault on the Constitution, the rule of law, America’s basic moral and democratic values—and on common human decency. (See below for links to our prior postings)

You reached a new low when you stood by Trump in the 2018 elections, as he waged an overtly racist and xenophobic campaign, fueled by hate-mongering, fear-mongering, and race-baiting. David Perdue gave not a damn as Trump talked about Hispanic migrants the way Hitler talked about the Jews. 

Of course, Senator Perdue, you have not bothered to respond to my criticism. But after all, I am only one of your constituents, and, to you, not a particularly important one, since I do not contribute to your campaign chest. Besides, I’m probably just one more Democrat/liberal/progressive unleashing standard fare against another noble Republican.

But overnight, we have been given a whole new standard by which to judge Trump-worshipping politicians like you. It was delivered by General Jim Mattis, in a letter he wrote on December 20 announcing his resignation as Secretary of Defense in protest of President Trump’s decision to withdraw American forces from Syria and Trump’s rejection of international alliances.

To put it as bluntly and succinctly as possible, Senator Perdue: General Mattis confirms everything I ever said about you.

The letter is a stunning rebuke of everything you and Donald Trump stand for—and a rousing affirmation of everything I, and the overwhelming majority of Americans, stand for. Let me quote from the New York Times report:

  • Mr. Mattis’ resignation letter was the sharpest, and most public, protest from inside the Trump administration over the president’s rejection of the alliances and relationships that have underpinned American security since the end of World War II.
  • …it condemned Mr. Trump’s approach to the world as destructive to American influence and power.
  • He said the core of American national interests lay in “providing effective leadership to our alliances,” and specifically described the importance of the North Atlantic Treaty Organization, a defense alliance Mr. Trump has often derided. Mr. Mattis also praised the “Defeat ISIS” coalition that Mr. Trump just abandoned in Syria.
  • But Mr. Mattis’ core complaint was that Mr. Trump had lost sight of the importance of the competition for global power with Russia and China, who want “a world consistent with their authoritarian model.” (Read Jim Mattis’ Letter to Trump: Full Text)

In short, Senator Perdue, General Mattis looked at you and said “David Perdue has no clothes.” You stand nakedly revealed, Senator, as someone who has betrayed his country by your boot-licking support of Donald Trump. Exactly as I have been telling you for the past two years. And specifically noted in past postings on this blog:

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David Perdue betrayed his country and besmirched and desecrated his office by supporting an incompetent, inept, ill-informed, narcissistic, racist, misogynist, bullying, congenital liar to be President of the United States.

Senator Perdue, you become more inscrutable by the minute. Since Mattis released his letter on three days ago, one United States Senator and Congressman after another has spoken or written in support of him. But David Perdue is once more nowhere to be seen or heard.

And God forbid, Senator Perdue, that you would seek some element of redemption by taking the only step a United States Senator can take to save America from Donald Trump: immediately announce your support for Trump to be impeached and removed from office as soon as possible.

Have you lost your moral conscience, Senator Perdue—or did you just never have one to begin with?


December 20, 2018, was a watershed date in America for more than Mattis’ resignation:

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