Find “Republicans of Integrity?” You’ll Find Atlantis First

A Washington Post columnist recently stated it was time “Republicans of integrity” came forward and opposed Trump;s assault on the Constitution, the rule of law, and common human  decency.

IndieDems Comment:

We are four years into the age of Trump, characterized above all else by the bedrock requirement for all Republicans to be lap dog lackies of Donald Trump. Republicans have accepted without complaint the over 12,000 false or misleading statements of Trump—meaning, all his bald faced lies. Republicans like Senators Johnny Isakson and David Perdue have not cared as Trump bragged about sexually assaulting women, demeaned the military service of John McCain, incited his followers to violence, and regularly used ethnic and racist slurs. Republicans accept all of this as normal.

Why in the world do the editors of the Washington Post believe there are any “Republicans of integrity” left? That not a sarcastic question. It’s a natural question that flows from the facts of the past four years. The evidence makes clear: the last Republicans with any integrity died along with Ronald Reagan.

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