Enough Welfare for Farmers

Top Democrat attempts to block Trump from paying farm bailout money, setting up battle over trade war tactics


Thank God Democrats are pushing back against this welfare
program for farmers. These are the same farmers who voted for Trump knowing full well that he intended to  start a trade war with China. The trade war, as predicted, produced hardships for the Trump-voting farmers. The Republican solution? Take taxpayers money to bail out the farmers who are suffering from their own stupidity.

Incredibly, the polls show these farmers still support Trump and will vote for his re-election!

Enough of these welfare subsidies for farmers, the bulk of which will go to agribusiness and rich farmers. This is outright bribery: implement policies that harm a special interest group—and then provide the group with government subsidies to buy their votes.

More in-your-face corruption, brought to you by the Republican Party.

When you read the article, make sure you scroll down and read the comments. About 100 percent see this nonsense for the corporate socialism that it is.

–Tom Barksdale

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