Dispute between Republican Senatorial Candidates Loeffler & Collins Escalates

Republican Senator Kelly Loeffler, appointed by Governor Kemp to serve this year as interim successor to the retired Johnny Isakson, is locked in a bitter intra-party battle with Representative Doug Collins to be elected in November to serve out the remaining four years of Isakson’s term. Collins had wanted to be Kemp’s appointee, and even had the backing of President Trump, but Kemp in a rare show of independence gave the seat to Loeffler. The animosity between the two candidates has intensified ever since, even though the only issue between the two is which one can be the better Trump lackey.

The AJC reports Collins “launched an ‘AirLoefflAir’ Twitter feed on Thursday to mock the pricey private jet that Loeffler has used to travel to campaign stops and Washington votes.” Any hope of the two engaging in serious debate over the issues apparently has gone by the boards. Both, for example, have taken a low profile on the coronavirus crisis, content to offer effusive words of praise for how Trump is successfully handling the epidemic.

There will be no primary for this seat prior to the November election. All candidates from all parties will be listed together on the ballot. Three Democrats are already vying for the seat.

A separate campaign is underway for Georgia’s other U.S. Senatorial seat currently held by GOP incumbent David Perdue. Several Democrats are competing in the primary race to be their party’s nominee.

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