Detained Children Permanently Harmed? Who Cares, Say GA Republicans

The Department of Health and Human Services’ inspector general on September 4 issued a report detailing the trauma suffered by immigrant children separated from their parents under the Trump administration’s “zero tolerance” policy. The report states that thousands of children were placed in overcrowded centers ill-equipped to provide care for them physically or psychologically. The IG in visits to centers around the country received first-hand accounts of children who:

  • Cried inconsolably
  • Were drugged
  • Were promised family reunifications that never came
  • Whose severe emotional distress manifested in phantom chest pains, with complaints that “every heartbeat hurts”
  • Thought their parents had abandoned them or had been murdered.

According to media reports, “Such Trump Administration-sanctioned child abuse was designed to serve as a ‘deterrent’ for asylum-seeking families, as then-Chief of Staff John F. Kelly and other administration officials made clear.”

Despite this report from Trump’s own HHS, the administration recently announced a new policy that would allow it to keep children (along with their families) in jail-like conditions for longer periods of time.

Question: What type of people are so lacking in any Christian charity and compassion that they would endorse treating children like this? What Americans would go along with treating children little differently than the way slaveholders treated their slaves, Nazis treated the Jews, bigoted segregationists treated blacks? What Americans not only do not give a damn about this treatment of children, they are eager to re-elect Donald Trump so he can continue to treat innocent children like this for four additional years?
Here are six of them.

Sen. Johnny Isakson and Chief of Staff Joan Kirchner Carr

Sen. David Perdue and COS Megan Whittemore

Rep. Barry Loudermilk and COS, Robert Adkerson

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