Democrats and the Latino Vote

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Post-election headline:
Why Texas’s overwhelmingly Latino Rio Grande Valley turned toward Trump


  • Republicans ran up their numbers in the overwhelmingly Hispanic, reliably Democratic counties along the border
  • Biden won majorities in most counties, but by dramatically smaller margins than Hillary Clinton in 2016
  • The various communities that comprise “Latinos” in Texas are diverse
  • The results show the importance of Democrats’ cultivating deeper relationships with this diverse Latino population
IndieDems Comment:

Granted, Democrats did not pay enough attention to the Latino community during the campaign and failed to put together a message that appealed to them. Democrats had better wake up and smell the coffee. Latinos/Hispanics are not going to vote as solidly for Democrats as they had expected.

But the idea that Republicans–much less, Trumpists–care about Latino problems and have policies that will benefit them? You’ve got to be kidding. There is increasing evidence that many Latinos suffer the white Republican mental affliction: the tendency to vote contrary to your own self-interests. The spectacle of less affluent working class citizens voting Republican has to be one of the greatest acts of stupidity in the history of the human race.

Latinos are voting for the white male who kidnapped their children and locked them up in concentration camps; said they were mainly rapists and criminals; told lies exaggerating their criminal activity; called them animals; said they were “infesting” America; and, according to recent revelations, wanted to authorize the border patrol to shoot Hispanics attempting to enter the U.S. illegally; the white male whose Party is adamantly opposed to opening a path for citizenship to Hispanics already here; who is indifferent to the horrendous suffering of Hispanics in jobs hardest hit by coronavirus—-Democrats need to “convince” these people to vote Democratic?

Let me pose this simple question. Among the Latino communities along the border, how many are receiving Social Security checks? Have their health care paid for by Medicare? Medicaid? Obamacare? How many would benefit from an increase in the minimum wage? My guess is: a considerable number.

Those are Democratic programs, my friends, that Republicans resolutely oppose, and if they ever put together the right majority, they will abolish them. Democrats may need to pay more attention to Latinos, but let’s hope the Democrats are met with due regard, not with blind stupidity of people mesmerized by bombastic demagoguery. And barely disguised racism.

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