Debate Sharpens Outlooks of GA Democratic Senate Candidates

DeKalb County Democrats on April 28 sponsored a debate among the Democrats running to become the Party’s nominee to run against incumbent Senator David Perdue.

Atlanta Journal and Constitution Report on the Debate

  • Most of the incoming fire targeted Jon Ossoff, a former 6th District candidate who leads the polls, and Sarah Riggs Amico, who enjoys high name recognition thanks to her bid for lieutenant governor in 2018.
  • But former Columbus Mayor Teresa Tomlinson faced challenging questioning, too,
  • While Amico and Ossoff have largely focused on Perdue and avoided pummeling their Democratic rivals, Tomlinson has increasingly swiped at her main opponents as the June 9 primary nears.
  • Ossoff also faced fire from Maya Dillard Smith, a former ACLU of Georgia director

Georgia faces two U.S. Senate races this year, due to the resignation last year of Johnny Isakson. Governor Kemp appointed Kelly Loeffler to hold the seat this year. She faces both Republican and Democratic rivals in the November election to decide who will hold office for the remaining two years of Isakson’s term.

There will be no primary in this race. All the candidates from all parties will be listed together on the November ballot.

See our page Georgia Elections 2020 for details on who is running in both elections.

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