Correcting the Misinformation about Breonna Taylor

Correcting the misinformation about Breonna Taylor

The Washington Post on September 24 published this detailed look at the events leading to Ms. Taylor’s death. By Radley Balko, who  reports on criminal justice, the drug war and civil liberties. Previously, he was an investigative reporter for the Huffington Post and a writer and editor for Reason magazine.

IndieDems Comment:

This article blows to smithereens any idea that the Kentucky AG’s press conference reporting the grand jury’s finding in the Breonna Taylor case showed that justice had been done. All the AG did was give his stamp of approval to a criminal justice system so dysfunctional, it beggars the human mind. The whole damn lot of the officials involved—the police, the lawyers, the judge—ought to be fired and/or disbarred.

But of course, this was just one more normal case in their lives and they face no real punishment—meaning, this miscarriage of justice will just keep happening, over and over again. And these incompetent boobs, and their supporters, are appalled that some people are calling for defunding the police. They just can’t figure out the discontent with their police heroes.

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