Coronavirus Crisis Brings Home to Roost the Republican Chickens of Incompetence, Lies, Corruption, and Maladministration

The number one issue in the 2010 campaign has roared out of virtually nowhere to take center stage. It’s no longer the economy, stupid. It’s the Trump/Republican total ineptness in dealing with the growing coronavirus crisis, including its impact on the economy.

The issue is Trump and the Republicans’ track record of spending the last three years slashing the budgets of the CDC and every other federal health program on which we will now rely to deal with the coming coronavirus pandemic. It’s Trump/Republicans deliberately implementing policies that have left us virtually powerless to adequately deal with the health crisis.

Trump’s past incompetence, ignorance, and maladministration that produced this mess will become increasingly apparent. As will his continuing incompetence and stupidity that prove he is utterly lacking the leadership needed to get us through the crisis.

Trump’s total unfitness became glaringly apparent on Monday when he told a press conference in the morning that coronavirus was under control in the U.S.—only to have the CDC Chief contradict him a few hours later by telling what the scientific evidence showed about the impending pandemic.

Trump repeated his blinkered misrepresentation of the facts in a televised news conference on February 26. He said the coronavirus was under control in the U.S. and posed no serious threat. The participating health experts contradicted him and said the facts indicated the crisis was likely to get worse and could reach pandemic levels.

We can depend on Republican lemmings to line up once more to rally behind their leader, despite this revelation of his unfitness. The Trump/Republican chickens are coming home to roost. It’s not, as expected, over a foreign crisis with North Korea or Iran. It’s a virus that is going to kill Americans who will die unnecessary deaths because of Trump/Republican blindness and incompetence.

And there’s no way out.

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