Conservatives Denounce Trump

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Prominent American conservatives are among the most severe critics of Donald Trump. Here is a sampling of their commentary.

David Frum

A Conservative’s Case Against Donald Trump

(Excerpt) Frum argues in his new book “Trumpocracy: The Corruption of the American Republic” that the president is a menace to the Republic.


Michael Steele, former Chairman, Republican National Committee

‘I don’t know what the hell happened’: Michael Steele on the GOP under Trump

(Excerpt) ““That’s right, baby, I built that bad boy (the Tea Party) out of steel,” Steele told me in the latest episode of “Cape Up.” “Now, having done that, I can’t help it if they went inside and started tearing up the floorboards and knocking out the windows, and crapping all over the house.”


Jennifer Rubin

Nothing the GOP won’t sacrifice at the altar of Trump

(Excerpt) “The GOP shows no spine in defending democratic norms.”

Republican response to Trump’s assault on the Justice Department: A collective yawn

(Excerpt) “Once again, GOP “leaders” seek to normalize Trump, not combat the erosion of democratic institutions.”


Michael Gerson

The Trump evangelicals have lost their gag reflex

(Excerpt) The level of cynicism here is startling. Some Christian leaders

are surrendering the idea that character matters in public life

in direct exchange for political benefits to Christians themselves.

It is a political maneuver indistinguishable from those performed

by business or union lobbyists every day. Only seedier. You scratch

my back, I’ll wink at dehumanization and Stormy Daniels. The gag

reflex is entirely gone.


Lawrence Ware

Why I’m Leaving the Southern Baptist Convention

(Excerpt) “I am a minister, and black lives matter to me. I am not confident they matter to the convention.”


A pastor lights into President Trump — with Vice President Pence sitting in the front pew

(Excerpt) The Rev. Maurice Watson issued a stern and very public rebuke of President Trump’s Oval Office comments about immigrants from “shithole countries.”


The new and improved Bible for evangelical Trump supporters

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