Columnist Says Supreme Court Term Limits Not the Answer

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Supreme Court term limits wouldn’t solve anything

IndieDems Comment:

What a bunch of balderdash in pursuit of so much hogwash. All you have to do is look at today’s Court, created by the current rules, to see the fallacy of Wilkinson’s argument. The Justices who constitute a majority were appointed by presidents who failed to win a majority vote. They were approved by a Senate whose members are totally separated from majority rule. Today, for example, the 50 Senate Democrats represent 40 million more Democrats than the 50 Republicans. This beyond-belief dichotomy has allowed the Court to become a redoubt, a bastion of extremist right wing dogma and white supremacy, widely out of touch with an overwhelming majority of Americans. 

Term limits could hardly make the Court more politically biased than it already is. Mitch McConnell refused to even hold hearings on Obama’s last appointee, knowing that a Trump victory would allow him to appoint a partisan Trump puppet. McConnell was right. Trump, without ever winning the support of a majority of Americans, has since appointed two more puppets who think like Donald Trump. How do we know they are puppets? Because the appointees, Trump, and McConnell explicitly told us that’s what they were. The all-powerful right-wing Federalist Society, whose stamp of approval is mandatory for Republican appointees, explicitly echoed those sentiments. 

Term limits would allow fresh wind to blow into this polluted environment.


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