Cobb Meeting to Hear Expert on Major Flaws in GA Electoral System

The Problem

6 million Georgia voters’ records exposed: ‘Could have easily been compromised’

CNN – August 14, 2018

(Excerpts) A federal lawsuit accuses Georgia Secretary of State Brian Kemp, currently running as the Republican candidate for governor, of failing to secure his state’s voting system and allowing a massive breach that exposed voter records and other sensitive election information.

“The suit describes how a private researcher discovered the records of more than 6 million registered Georgia voters, password files and encryption keys could be accessed online by anyone looking.”

Election error may have cost Georgia representative his race

CNN – Updated 10:34 PM ET, Mon September 10, 2018

(Excerpts) Election security observers and activists in Georgia say the situation in state Rep. Dan Gasaway’s district adds to growing concerns about the integrity of the state’s voting system and spotlights the way discrepancies in voter data can potentially affect election results.

Court filings in a separate federal lawsuit outline confusing issues at polling places in other parts of Georgia in recent years

What Georgians Can Do about It

Several years ago, Garland Favorito established VoterGA to wage a campaign to remedy the defects in Georgia’s electoral system. He has kept the heat on, despite meeting a wall of resistance from our politicians—most notably, Brian Kemp as the Secretary of State in charge of the system. For a summary, go to and read Georgia Elections Still Ranked as Worst in America.

Garland will present an update on Georgia’s voting system at a video watch party on Thursday, September 27. Meeting begins at 6:30, presentation at 7:00. The event is scheduled for a private home in Marietta. Prior registration required. For location and registration, contact Carolyn Hadaway at 678 687-7753 or email

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