Cobb Democrat criticizes user fees and consumption taxes as revenue sources

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The AJC recently posted this letter from Cobb Democratic activist Richard Wise:

Don’t pay for infrastructure with user fees, consumption taxes

An opinion article in the Aug. 12 AJC suggests that demanding that the wealthiest Americans pay their fair share of taxes would cause a wholesale loss of jobs and workers’ income on wages and salaries to go down. The writer further suggests that the best way to pay for President Biden’s infrastructure plan is with user fees and consumption taxes, which would be the best way to aid economic recovery and be an efficient source of revenue for public investments. This proposal is utter nonsense. Since the end of World War II, I do not remember any time that increasing corporate taxes has caused a loss of jobs or a reduction of working people’s wages and salaries. Putting a user fee and consumption tax on working people, many of whom struggle to make ends meet, would increase their hardship while the wealthy are getting even richer. This would be grossly unfair.

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