Christians, Witches, and Trump: A Toxic Brew

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A New York Times book review said: “ ‘The Ruin of All Witches’ by Malcolm Gaskill, is a riveting history of life in a 17th-century New England frontier town, where the stress of isolation, foul weather, disease and death led inexorably to accusations of witchcraft.”

IndieDems comment: This scholarly book explains why in the 17th century witches were perceived as real, with no allusion to current events. But the similarity to Trump, Republicans, and QAnon leaps from the pages. And remember, God in Leviticus 20:27 said witches should be found and stoned to death.

You know, the same God that approved the Inquisition, the Crusades, anti-Semitism, slavery, and segregation, and said a 10 year old impregnated by rape must carry the baby to full term. And a Republican Christian has no choice but to carry out God’s orders. Trump appointed three of them to the Supreme Court

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