Catholic Hypocrisy on Steroids. (They’re not Alone)

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The Washington Post reports:
Pelosi’s archbishop says prominent Catholics who support abortion rights should be denied Communion

IndieDems Comment:

Catholics can justifiably claim their religion requires them to be anti-abortion. They are not justified in practicing cafeteria Christianity, picking & choosing what parts of the Bible they support or ignore.

Jesus explicitly called for obedience to God’s Commandments, but said not a word about abortion. So, here’s a call to action for all Americans sick & tired of the hypocrisy of religious leaders who support the Trumpist agenda! Let’s say to hell with the hypocrisy spewing from religious leaders when they support Trump for being anti-abortion but totally ignore his wanton disregard for God’s Commandments against lying & committing adultery. (Stealing, too?).

Send Tweets, Instagrams, emails, texts demanding that Archbishop Cordileone state that all politicians who violate God’s 10 Commandments will be denied communion. NO MORE CAFETERIA CHRISITANITY!

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