By, By Biden

I’m a Democrat, I admire and respect Joe Biden, and I know this:
I don’t want to spend the next 19 months debating the Anita Hill hearings of a generation ago.
I don’t want to spend the next 19 months debating the rightness or wrongness of every man-handling move Biden made toward some female.

We have much more important matters a Presidential campaign needs to focus on. Like the total debacle of the Trump administration, and the grave damage it has wreaked domestically and abroad. Like immigration, infrastructure, the spiraling deficit the Republicans have bequeathed us, health care, and the Republican assault on Social Seurity, Medicare, Medicaid, and Obamacare.

I also know this: Biden’s attempts to explain and apologize for his behavior has missed the mark. But Biden fell off my list of potential Democratic presidential candidates with his cringing attempts to milk humor out of the situation. That move showed me he still just does not get it and carries too much baggage to assume the role.

It’s not whether his past behavior can or cannot be defended. We just do not need the baggage of having to defend it—not with a plethora of worthy candidates without the baggage. Their time has come. Joe’s time has passed. We need him as our elder statesman, not as presidential candidate.

–Tom Barksdale

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