Brian Kemp and Donald Trump: Competing for “Mr. Stupid”?

//As coronavirus rages, Governor Kemp reopens beaches, state parks, golf courses and other outdoor venues.//

Georgia’s Republican Governor Brian Kemp was one of the hold-outs against establishing a state-wide shelter-in-place. Only after President Trump called another hold-out, Florida Governor DeSantis, and got hm on board did Kemp finally follow suit.

The Georgia public health agency reported last week that coronavirus had been identified at 60 senior care facilities and so far has killed at least 81 residents of those facilities. According to the Atlanta Journal and Constitution, “The acknowledgment of dozens of deaths in senior care homes was especially concerning. Public health experts say elderly people with underlying health conditions — the profile of many residents of the senior homes — are the most vulnerable to the virus.”

Meanwhile, down in rural Southwest Georgia, the small city of Albany became one of the worst coronavirus hotspots in the country. Albany, 40 miles from the nearest Interstate, faces the fourth-worst out-break per capita in the United States. Business Insider reports: All 14 intensive care beds in the city were full within two days, and the local hospital went through six months’ worth of supplies in less than a week.

As in many other states, Georgia’s rural counties are woefully lacking in medical resources. In recent years, hospitals and doctors have disappeared in record numbers. This week, the media have reported that the pandemic is wreaking disproportionate suffering on American blacks and other minorities. They become victims and they die in numbers far exceeding their percentage of the overall population.

The cause is clear: people who suffer from underlying conditions are more susceptible, and those conditions are due in large part to the absence of basic health care. Experts are warning that the worst is yet to come in rural America, as populations already lacking adequate medical care and facilities face the onslaught of the coronavirus pandemic.

And what did Governor Kemp decide to do in the face of this threat? His shelter-in-place order actually included provisions that overruled local bans and reopened beaches, state parks, golf courses and other outdoor venues.

Tim Fleming, the governor’s chief of staff, stated in a Facebook post on April 4: “People have to be able to get out of the house to get fresh air and exercise.” He continued: “Georgia – go to the beach, lake or a state park!” They are all open and despite what the media is reporting there have been no issues on Georgia beaches or lakes today.”

We native Georgians spent decades living down the reputation of being the state that, in the midst of the Civil Rights turmoil of the 1960s, elected as governor staunch segregationist Lester Maddox, who wielded a pickaxe handle to symbolize his opposition to de-segregation.

Now, we have another Governor Stupid, who seems to be competing with President Stupid to see who is the stupidest.

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