Boycotts of Political Contributors? Bring It On!

//”The Blue states are the economic engines of America”//
Press report:

Representative Joaquin Castro, a Texas Democrat who serves as the chairman of the presidential campaign of his twin brother, Julián, set off a political firestorm this week by posting on Twitter a list of 44 San Antonio-area residents who have maxed out their donations to the President Trump’s re-election campaign.  Republicans have accused the congressman of trying to incite harassment of the president’s supporters.

IndieDems Comment:

Amazing to some of us that there is debate over matters we thought were well established. Our assumptions about settled truths: one, the names of contributors to politicians and political parties are publicly available. Two, anyone is free to make a list of specific contributors to specific candidates and parties. Three, American citizens are free to boycott any business over its political contributions. Four, boycotts do not constitute harassment, however defined. I see no reason to change my position on any of those four points, and I certainly see no legal requirement that I do so.

Now, let’s deal with the issue of retaliation by Republicans if Democrats boycott pro-Trump business owners. This is a confrontation Democrats should welcome. Remember: the Blue states are the economic engines of America, and have by far the larger populations. The counties that Trump won are mainly sparsely populated areas where economic activity is stagnant. The areas that Hillary carried represent 64% of the Nation’s economic output and include the nation’s top 10 innovation centers.

An exaggeration to make a point: let’s assume, for the sake of argument, that Starbucks is considered a leftist business that Republicans might boycott. The cows and blades of grass in Bismark, ND, may have a disproportionate vote in the Electoral College, but they will not amount to a pitcher of warm spit if they decide to boycott Starbucks. Apply that to the country as a whole, and let the boycotts begin.

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