Beyond a Doubt: Donald Trump Is Insane

//Georgia Republicans Remain Faithful in Face of Trump’s Mental Breakdown//

//Who’s His Role Model–Capt Queeg or the Emperor with No Clothes?//

Trump’s behavior over the past 48 hours have proven beyond the shadow of a doubt: the President of the United States is insane. As a bevy of psychiatrists predicted at the start of Trump’s presidency, his mental derangement has steadily worsened, and has now reached such a level that he can no longer function as a normal person—and is totally unfit to be president. He is completely divorced from reality.

Read the Facts:

Trump’s performance yesterday in the impromptu press conference on White House grounds was like something we would see in a movie scene depicting the mental unraveling of a demented human being. Trump mirror imaged the scene in the classic movie “ The Caine Mutiny” when Captain Queeg sat in the witness chair rattling his steel balls and rambling incoherently about the missing strawberries. That scene came to life with Trump’s talking about wanting to buy Greenland and canceling his visit to  Denmark when the Danes refused.

And, of course, there’s the immortal tale of the emperor who had no clothes. But the consequences of Trump’s being mentally unhinged will be much more dire than the naked emperor riding a horse through the streets.

Georgia’s Three Stooges React to Trump’s Public Display of Mental Derangement

Sen. Isakson      Sen. Perdue             Rep. Loudermilk
Based on their track record, Georgia’s three stooges say
: Bring it on! We are so proud of how our President is making America great again, we want to re-elect him for an additional four years! Deciding he wants to buy Greenland and having a hissy fit when the Danes refuse to sell it equals in wisdom his decision to espouse racism, xenophobia, white nationalism, and Islamaphobia as the republicans’ chief 2020 campaign themes. It’s great to be Republicans totally in tune with Donald Trump!

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