Beware High IQ as VP Candidate Credential

Washington Post columnist Kathleen recently waded in with her choice for Biden’s vice presidential candidate:

The case for Valerie Jarrett as Biden’s VP

IndieDems Comment:

Oh, golly. Kathleen Parker has caught the Democratic mush-for-brains disease—the affliction that causes someone to believe that the best politicians are those who are “whip smart, highly trained and experienced in world affairs.“ Just like—Hillary Clinton?

The last thing in the world Biden needs as VP candidate is someone whose main qualification is a high IQ. What he needs is what the position cries out for—a damn good politician, someone with the savy and skills that are invaluable in ensuring they run an effective campaign and get them elected. The last thing Biden needs is someone well qualified to write articles for Foreign Affairs and and attend Ivy League forums (OK, fora) on international relations and economic policy.

Ms. Jarrett would be an excellent possibility if all the other potential candidates who have run and won political campaigns disappeared. But Democrats have a plethora of candidates who have proven their political skills—and are also whip-smart and well informed on policy issues. Why muddy the waters?

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