Barr as Trump Lapdog Attorney General: The Precedent for Trump’s SC Appointees?

Amazing, how even some members of the media treat Trump’s immoral, corrupt, and warped personal character as some sort of sideshow to the need to get on with the nation’s business. No democracy committed to the rule of law and Constitutional government can survive the onslaught being waged against those basic values, and against common human decency, by Trump and his Republican lackeys—meaning, 90 percent of all Republicans.

The in-your-face corruption of the Justice Department at the hands of Barr is a reminder of another horrible fact—two Barr-like Trump lackeys are sitting as Justices on the Supreme Court. Does anyone doubt that Gorsuch and Kavanaugh are going to be any less the agents of Donald Trump than Barr is being as Attorney General?

And before you mount a defense of Gorsuch and Kavanaugh with a torrent of homilies about their sterling character and how their careers show they will make decisions on the basis of the law and the Constitution, not their personal political leanings, go back a few weeks and review those exact words being spoken about William Barr. Barr, you will find, was touted as a true-blue exemplar of a principled lawyer who could be depended on to maintain the independence and integrity of the Justice Department. Within a few days of assuming office, he showed himself to be nothing but another cringing Trump lapdog.

If you believe Gorsuch and Kavanaugh will be different, it’s up to you to prove your case. The Barr precedent puts the facts firmly on my side.

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