Are Trumpists behind Little League Plot to Bean Girl Player?

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Headline: Two youth baseball coaches reportedly hatched plan to bean 11-year-old girl

IndieDems Comment: Not hard to believe, is it, in an age when the Catholic Church can tolerate for decades a child-molesting culture which allowed sex perverts to prey on children and then the Church hierarchy zealously cover it up; Hollywood moguls can drop their pants and masturbate in front of some innocent female, to cite one of their lesser forms of sexual harassment; a beloved comedian can stand accused of drugging and sexually assaulting numerous women; a Republican candidate for president can be caught on tape bragging about sexually assaulting women; the same Republican can be accused of sexually assaulting numerous females; the same Republican can call women bimbos and commit serial adultery; and the Republican candidate can do all that and Republicans will flock to the polls and elect him President.
So two coaches of children’s baseball allegedly plotted to have a player hit with a baseball? Sounds like exactly something Republicans who voted for Trump would do.

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