AP: “Georgia’s Perdue sues over 2020 election, pushes fraud claim”

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(Excerpt) Days after announcing his candidacy for governor, Republican David Perdue further embraced debunked claims of electoral fraud in Georgia’s 2020 presidential race by joining a lawsuit seeking to prove he and former President Donald Trump were cheated out of election victories.

IndieDems Comment:

We will not dignify Perdue’s discredited allegations by rehashing the readily available proof that he is lying. The fact that Georgia’s votes were counted three times in 2020 and shown to accurately reflect how the people voted is indisputable.

We can only note once more the depths of the moral sewer into which Trump’s Republicans have taken Georgia and the country by knowingly and deliberately repeating this lie in a desperate grasping at straws that will help them win next time. The Republicans’ game plan is to subvert the electoral process and use whatever illegal or criminal acts are needed to succeed.

The Trumpists in 2020 showed their true colors when their leader called up Secretary of State Raffensperger and pressured him to illegally change the electoral count to give Georgia’s electoral vote to Trump instead of the legally certified winner, Joe Biden. Trump and his Republicans—including those in GA like David Perdue—are now waging a campaign using the phony allegations of massive voter fraud as the basis for passing state laws that will place Trump’s puppets in charge of the electoral process in key states and allow them to override the popular vote and give the electoral college vote to a Republican.

The House Jan. 6 investigative committee in recent weeks has revealed evidence upon evidence that this was the Republican game plan in 2020. The honesty and steadfastness of even Republican officials like Raffensperger and Governor Kemp prevented its success. Trump and Perdue are now working to get lackeys in place to make it work next time.


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