An Honorable General Goes Up against a Chronic Liar. What’s the Issue?

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By Tom Barksdale

I am a Democrat who knows the facts accumulated over the last six years prove that Donald Trump poses a clear and present danger to the United States, but I am not blind to the argument that Gen. Milley may have overstepped some Constitutional and legal boundaries. But I am convinced that careful consideration of the facts of Trump’s derangement, and the way Milley went about dealing with it, shows without doubt he made the right decisions. 

The extraordinary facts here involve Trump, not Milley. The United States was being led by a totally unhinged President. His public words and deeds proved it, and Washington insiders privy to even more devastating evidence reached that conclusion. General
Milley was absolutely correct in taking the bull by the horns.

And Republicans are telling one more of their tens of thousands of Big Lies when they depict Milley as some kind of rogue elephant. On the contrary. He acted well within the scope of previous Chairmen of the Joint Chief of Staff. His words and deeds were SOP.  And far from acting alone, he had the concurrence of other high level officials—including the Acting Secretary of Defense! 

Remember: the same Republicans who are accusing Milley of violating the Constitution and the rule of law are the same people who have tried to legitimize and rationalize the mob attack on the Capitol and are spreading the Big Lie about massive voter fraud. What does that prove about who Americans should trust in this imbroglio?

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