American Farmers Suffer the Consequences of Trump’s Policies

American farmers begin to  suffer the consequences of Trump’s policies. But will they still vote for him?
Left Behind: Farmers fight to save their land as trade war intensifies
IndieDems Comment:
Oh, boo hoo hoo. American farmers , those rock-solid real Americans who go to church every Sunday, went to the polls and elected as president someone who told them exactly what he meant to do. When he was elected, he did exactly that. And now, these farmers suffer the consequences of their own stupidity. And they are already receiving–omigod!–federal welfare checks for their suffering? And begging for more?
Are the rest of us suppose to have sympathy for these people? I’m already mad as hell that my tax money is being spent to subsidize these losers. I’m going to get crankier if the Republicans pour more money into this black hole. Sound cruel? American automobile companies have been closing down their assembly plants in droves. One of the latest, near Youngstown, Ohio. Did the federal government come rushing in with welfare checks for the unemployed workers? No and hell no. What’s so damn special about farmers?
One thing and one thing only will evoke my sympathy for these people. I want to hear a loud cry emanating from the heartland: “We are going to go the polls in 2020 vote those wretched Republicans out of office. We’re going to send every Republican state legislator, every Republican governor, and–especially–every Republican U.S. Senator and Representative into oblivion! With Mitch McConnell leading the pack! And re-elect Donald Trump? No way in hell!”
Because all I’m hearing now is whining about how “nobody is paying any attention to me.” Look, you pathetic souls. You put in office the Republicans, including the president, who told you that their number one priority was appointing Supreme Court Justices who will do away with Roe v Wade. That’s exactly what they are doing! And your Republicans are treating you the way they treat migrant Hispanic children, with utter contempt? Well, not exactly the same. They’re not locking you up in cages.

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