Al Franken and Nikki Haley: Reverse Discrimination at Work?


Headline: The undeniable Al Franken connection to Kirsten Gillibrand’s failed presidential bid

IndieDems Comment:

For many of us, there is one big piece of the puzzle missing about the Franken mess. We can at least understand why many women castigate Franken and wanted him out of the Senate. Don’t agree with it, but understand it.

What we do not understand is how Nikki Haley can still be considered to have a political future. Haley was an avid supporter of Donald Trump for President. Meaning, she supported someone who was caught bragging about sexually assaulting women and whose adultery and history of being a sex predator were nakedly revealed. Her fidelity to Trump won her appointment as U.N. Ambassador. She remained a faithful lapdog for Trump during her two year tenure, while his misogynist mentality and policies were full displayed.

On her retirement, Haley delivered a rousing call for Trump to be elected for four more years. Recent media reports indicate she is still considered a potential candidate, including for Vice President.

So, what piece of the puzzle are we missing? Why is Franken’s political career finished—while the career of the most prominent female enabler of a far worse sex predator alive and well? Why hasn’t the #MeToo movement eaten Nikki Haley for lunch?

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