AJC: A rural Georgia community reels after its hospital closes

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(Excerpt) A record number of hospitals closed in rural America last year. For the residents of Cuthbert, Ga., the loss has brought delays for emergencies that can turn deadly.

IndieDems Comment:

For Georgia Republican officials who control the state to refuse to implement Medicaid expansion into the poorest parts of our state, and leave communities without any hospital at all, is a criminal act. Do I have to tell you what racial and ethnic groups suffer the most?

GA State Senator Jen Jordan, who is running to be the Democratic nominee for GA Attorney General, made this comment on Twitter:

“Hospital closures cost Georgians’ jobs, health, and sometimes lives. It doesn’t have to be this way. Medicaid expansion is proven to keep hospitals open and people healthier, yet the GA GOP refuses to enact this simple, life saving solution. Vote them out.”

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