A Staunch Republican Condemns the GOP’s Embrace of Racism

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Washington Post columnist Michael Gerson writes: ” ‘Gaffes’ aside, I once assumed GOP goodwill on race. I was wrong…In MAGA world, the incitement of white grievance is the strategy, (an appeal) inseparable from racism. And they reopen a wound that nearly killed the patient before. It is politics at its most pernicious.”

IndieDems comment: Michael Gerson is a lifelong Republican and a prominent voice of traditional American conservatism. He once wrote editorials for the Wall Street Journal and was a speechwriter for George W. Bush. His distancing himself from the Trumpists who now rule the Republican Party reveals all there is to know abut the moral sewer in which the Trumpists swim. The fact that they don’t give a damn about his opinion highlights their degradation.

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