A New Way of Honoring GA Republicans’ Staunch Support for Trump

IndieDems is embarking on a new way to show respect for Georgia Republicans, especially those in Georgia’s Congressional delegation. After two years, it’s an established fact that Georgia Republicans and Donald Trump are joined at the hip. Especially after they supported his racist, xenophobic, fear-mongering and race-baiting 2018 campaign, it’s clear they will support Trump no matter what he does.

So we said: why keep reporting the facts of what Trump has said or done, and then offering our editorial comments? Why not eliminate the middleman step–and just substitute the Republican politician’s name for Trump’s as it appears in a headline?  That would give the unvarnished story about the Georgia Republican’s position–without IndieDems’ intruding verbiage!

We have decided to honor Senator Johnny Isakson by making him the first in our new endeavor. Below are some of today’s headlines, with Isakson’s name substituted for Trump’s. Readers can continue to do the substitution as they read the body of the article.

(Don’t worry, Senator David Perdue and Representatives Barry Loudermilk and Karen Handel. We’ll do the same for you shortly.)

Isakson says he is among those who ‘have very high levels of intelligence’ but are not ‘believers’ in climate change

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