A Minority President and GOP Suffer Delusions of Grandeur

//Democrats are the majority. Hands-down.//

A Trumpist writing on the web recently made a sarcastic reference to “all Americans” on one hand and Trump’s supporters on the other.

IndieDems says: Thank you for revealing your ignorance. It’s not “all Americans” who stand in contrast to Democrats. In fact, more Americans voted for Hillary than voted for Trump. In 2018, many times more Americans voted for Democratic Congressional candidates than voted for Republicans. The Undemocratic U.S. Senate, with its mandatory two Senators for every state regardless of population, skewed the outcome there, and Republican gerrymandering did the same in the House, depriving the Democrats of their legitimate right to an even greater majority there.

Trump’s approval rating has never remotely approached a majority in the three years of his presidency.

It’s the Republican minority that stands in contrast to Democrats. You know, Republicans like you who support someone who:
—Has told 13,000 lies since becoming president
—Bragged about sexually assaulting women
—Praised neo-Nazis marching in a Nazi-like torch light parade chanting anti-Semitic slogans
—Kidnaped migrant children and locked them up in wire cages —Mocked a handicapped person
—Engaged in the character assassination of Amb, Yovanovitch when she resisted supporting his attempt to elicit Ukrainian intervention to smear his domestic political rival
—Demeaned the military service of John McCain
—Praised the murderous thugs Kim Jong Un and Vladimir Putin —Incited his followers to violence
—ignored the murder of American journalist Khashoggi ordered by the Saudi Crown Prince
—Accepted the word of Putin that Russia did not wage cyber war against U.S. 2016 elections
—Engaged in obsequious kowtowing to Putin in their press conference in Helsinki
—Called foreign countries “s—holes”
—Supports racism, xenophobia, and misogyny

Thank you for reminding the world that Democrats are different then Republicans. Read the Christianity Today editorial about Trump to see the truth that real Christians and real Americans know about Trump.

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