Stop Giving Trump Apologists Credibility

//Trump’s lies, demagoguery, racism, xenophobia, and slander have gone beyond defensible//

The Washington Post, in the name of free and open debate, continues to give op-ed space  to pro-Trump columnists like Hugh Hewitt, who recently delivered a pro-Trump screed, Which do you prefer: Trump’s agenda or Biden’s?”

My comment:

Dear Publisher and Editors of the Washington Post: I have been a reader of the Post for over 50 years. I have contributed to the Comments forum practically since the day the Internet brought it into existence. I run my own modest blog. I believe my track record shows I respect open debate and other people’s beliefs and positions.

But there have always been limits to what people should be permitted to write or say. The Post would not allow anyone to write something like “we could solve our race problems by sending all the N-words back to Africa.” Or “time to bring back the gas chambers.” Or “a few lynchings now and then would put an end to the Black Lives Matter movement.” How in God’s name can the Post continue to provide space to Hugh Hewitt?

Donald Trump’s presidency and his campaign in recent weeks have become overt expressions of racism, xenophobia, and misogyny. His speeches are flagrant appeals to race-mongering and openly attempt to stoke cultural and racial divisions. The man is a proven pathological liar. Trump regularly unleashes libel, slander, and insults against individual Americans, The facts conclusively disprove Trump’s statement that the coronavirus is under control and on the way to oblivion.

I could take Hewitt’s column and use the Post’s own reporting
and analysis to go line by line and show what utter nonsense his Trumpian apologia really is. Trump is a lying demagogue on the level of Adolf Hitler.

By giving space to Hewitt, the Post is declaring that lies and libel and overt racism, xenophobia, and misogyny are legitimate viewpoints. The Post’s position is a stunning example of how the mainstream media have allowed Trump and his apologists to skew public discourse right into the sewer.

Donald Trump and the Washington Post are showing us how Hitler and the Nazis took over Germany and brought Hitler to power legally.

–Tom Barksdale

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